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Disc Golf disc selection can seem complicated for the new player. This page simplifies the process. All discs presented on this page are quality molds and each kit presents a balanced selection. Take the time to learn these discs and they will take care of the rest. Follow this simple advise that will allow you to improve quickly.  Throw, observe the flight, then adjust your release angle as need be. Throw across the chest and not the belt line and you'll be on your way to controlling the flight.
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Prices found on this site are in Canadian dollars. Shipping and applicable taxes will be added to your invoice.

Note: were completely out of mini's, no sets currently come with mini's 

'Gettin' Jiggy Wit It ' set  -$39.95
You can't get a better set of discs made in premium plastic at this price.
This Canadian made set is all you need to play a great game on the traditional territory of the Beaver, Moose and Timberwolf . Set come in medium weights for adults new to the game

Note - The Cheetah is unavailable at this time, TL3 has replaced it in this kit

Innova   'Rookie set'    $29.95
Here are 3 USA made discs that have proved themselves for the past 20 years. The perfect set to learn the game for the young and old and in between. presented in lighter weights
( kit includes scorecard, pencil )

                                                                              Set includes :
1 Mid-range DX Skeeter
1 Driver  DX TL3
** items and colours may vary from photograph **

Note - The valkyrie is unavailable at this time, The TL3 has replaced it in this kit

Innova   'Weekend Warrior'    $29.95
Ben Climo once said, '' Give me 3 discs and I'll change the world''. This is a great set to get you started doing just that.. Tough and accurate, these discs even get better as you beat them in. Presented in lighter weights
( kit includes scorecard, pencil,)

                                                                              Set includes :
1 Putter  - DX Rhyno
1 Mid-range  - DX Cobra
1 Driver  - DX TL3
** items and colours may vary from photograph **

Innova   'Classic'  sorry, out of stock
This set includes everything you need to start and excel with. Within the set you'll find  2 legendary DX discs, as well as 2 fabled fairway drivers in champion plastic.  Don't settle for imitations, 4 'Go-To' discs and a bag, trophy not included.  
    The bag is available in red, blue, and camo     
( kit includes scorecard, pencil )

                                                                              Set includes :
1 Putter  - DX Aviar
1 Mid-Range - DX Roc
1 Driver - Champion Leopard
1 Driver - Champion Teebird
1 Bag - Innova Starter Bag  
** items and colours may vary from photograph **

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