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Innova Large Discs

Innova DX Condor 
This is an excellent stable driver. The DX Condor's low profile allows for a quick wind penetration and its big diameter works for that extra float. It's scale is in the family with the Jaguar and Zepher, at about 9.5 inches in diameter. They have excellant glide and are actually a good roller. When small braches crowd the line...you may think you just threw a bulldozer. All weights are 185+ gms.  

Innova DX Zepher $12.95
The Innova DX Zephyr is a throw and catch disc as well as a disc golf disc appoved for Super Class tournament play. It has long been a favorite for the Overall events of Discathon and Accuracy . The Zephyr has very straight and true flight characteristics. The Zephyr's Thumtrac® gives it extra durability and a great grip, especially for sidearm throws. It's an ideal disc for playing catch at the beach in windy conditions. Best disc for accuracy contests.