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How to Order

For any questions please contact  Peter

1. Simply e-mail your order to discgolf@videotron.ca . Be sure to include your phone # and Address , the shipper requires it.

2. I will answer any of your questions, confirm your order by e-mail, along with an invoice
and the shipping details. You then confirm your order and I get going !

I Ship by Canada Post directly to your address. This service typically takes 2-3 days to arrive and costs about $10.00 -$14.00 for discs. Discs
 are packaged in a secure box with insurance and a tracking number

 Prices found on this site are in Canadian dollars, applicable taxes will be added to your invoice

( the bus service is available from April - Nov.30th, all year for large orders
Bus shipping is cheap, fast, reliable and insured. 
They deliver your package to the closest bus station near you and call you when it arrives, usually within 48 hours. I have prepaid bags that cost $8.50 and will hold up to 20 discs, or 2 disc golf bags and 5 discs for example. ( service in Quebec )

The prefered method of payment is by E-Transfer. Paypal is possible if your account is aligned with your bank account and not your credit card. I also accept personal checks. All details for payment are sent with your invoice .

Shipping within Canada
1.Simply e-mail your order to discgolf@videotron.ca . Be sure to include your phone # and Address , the shipper requires it. 

2. I will confirm your order by e-mail along with an invoice 
and the shipping details. You then confirm your order and I get going ! Most orders shipped to Atlantic Canada and Ontairio arrive within  2-4 days depending on the size of your town. I do ship out west but it can take a bit longer. 
All shipments are packaged in a secure box with insurance.

The best way to reduce costs is to purchase discs with a friend. It'll cost the same to ship 2 or up to 15 discs. Shipping in a box typically costs $10.00 - $14.00 in Eastern Canada and $14.00 -$16.00 to Western Canada.